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Bathroom & Wet Room

Designing and installing a wet room can be more complex than renovating or building a standard bathroom. Wet rooms have a number of crucial elements that need to be factored into their construction to ensure they not only look good but function efficiently and most importantly, do not leak.

If you are opting to design a new bathroom or you might want to consider a wet room set-up. In short, a wet room is a bathroom or shower room where the whole space is waterproofed, with drainage built into the floor, therefore, doing away with the need for a shower tray.

This can be the perfect solution for a small bathroom as it is not dependent on finding a bath or shower cubicle to fit an awkward space. It is also an option where accessibility is a concern – perhaps for older people or those who rely on a wheelchair.

A wet room can also be more practical than a traditional en-suite, as it is easier to clean and maintain. It will create a sense of luxury in your home, can potentially add value to a property and could even change the way that you use your bathroom space.

The requirements for aesthetic design and functionality keep rising and demand both foresight and expertise during the planning phase.

Exposure to moisture is the most common bathroom problem. The selection of the design often determines how waterproof and carefree an intensively used bathroom can be.