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New Build

New build construction forms the bedrock of the construction economy. We specialise in offering construction services for new build projects whether it is a new house, a development of several houses, a commercial project, an industrial unit, a community project or a sports complex.

New build construction gives you a blank page to do exactly as you want within your budget and limits the constraints to the site you are building on.

Particularly with house building, we can offer the gold standard accreditation to your new home or residential development giving you peace of mind.

For new build projects, we adhere to strict project plans and monitoring systems. We provide regular reports and progress, ensuring both opportunities and risks are identified at an early stage.

Thanks to our technical excellence and depth of in-house talent, we will find innovative solutions to the unique challenges of your project. From prefabrication of components to novel designs, we save clients time and money while improving project delivery.

The priority is to create a healthier, safer workplace on all of our sites and we continuously look at new processes which help us to achieve this. Measurable evidence of our performance is published at all sites and shows that the actions initiated have led to better health & safety performance in the workplace.

Our cost proven construction methods enable us to achieve high-quality finishes and desired environmental performance.

Our ability to seamlessly integrate with other specialist parts of our business gives you access to unrivalled capabilities in fields as diverse as digital modelling and facilities management. Whatever your project requires, we can add value.