Star Construction Group

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Plumbing & Heating

The company strives hard to make it sure you’re comfortable. From repairing pipes to installing water heaters and air conditioners, we handle everything including repair, replacement, tune-ups and installation of HVAC systems, furnaces, air conditioners, plumbing, water heaters, geothermal and more. We want to make sure that you have the best home comfort products and that they keep working.

If you have a water line or gas line problem, if you need a new boiler, electric furnace or gas furnace, if you need maintenance or repairs to your old air conditioner or would like a new system designed just for you.

The customer can count on us to help if a problem strikes and the experts leave you with plumbing or heating. From gas central heating breakdowns and noisy boilers to blocked drains and burst pipes, with the cover, you wouldn’t have to deal with a problem on your own.

We have performed jobs from a simple furnace cleaning to a complete whole house plumbing and heating system. We have done both residential and commercial jobs. We have the best warranty of any company in the area.