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The Extension is a popular way to add space without having to move. Moving house costs money; there are agent fees, legal fees, stamp duty, as well as the premium for that desired extra bedroom or bigger kitchen-diner. And for the same price, you might well find that you can build a decent extension, adding both space and value to your existing home in the process.

Clients who decide to build an extension usually do so to for several reasons. The main reason is likely to be that you have outgrown your home but you love the area you live in and don’t want to move. Extending offers the homeowner many advantages.

The company has been building home extensions since long. We understand what fits and by listening to your needs and ideas we provide unique and customised solutions that reflect your lifestyle and your tastes.

We are experts in building seamless extensions that are integrated into your existing home focusing our attention on the details as they make all the difference.

If your planning to expand your living space we can provide a range of building services to help create the extension you desire.

We can present you with a catalogue of past projects, to help inspire you and also to advise you on what may be required. Working alongside your chosen architect to help add space bad value to your property.